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With her critically acclaimed debut feature 52 Tuesdays director Sophie Hyde examines the complexities of modern family life. Newcomer Tilda Cobham-Hervey plays 16-year-old Billie, a high school girl who lives with her divorced mum Jane (Del Herbert-Jane) who plans to transition gender and live as James. Billie moves in with her dad Tom for a year while James undergoes the mental and physical process but agrees to meet up every single Tuesday after school. Set over a twelve month span, we see their interactions and the relationships Billie and James forge outside of their weekly appointment. James begins testosterone treatments, experiments with his true identity and takes a lover while Billie strikes up a friendship with Josh (Sam Althuizen) and Jasmin (Imogen Archer), two older kids at school, with whom she rebels and experiments with, capturing it all on camera.


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