The Incredible Diesel @ Lizotte's Restaurant


AMPLIFIED electric band tour ’15 May 2015 sees DIESEL leaving his front door yet again, this time leaving his acoustic guitars behind! “For the first part of my musical life I didn’t even own an acoustic guitar, one electric was my only reference”. In a career spanning 13 albums, DIESEL has explored many facets of guitar and its relation to his writing and performing, this tour is about finding the lead, the tether that connects his electric heart, the reason to “plug in” in the first place! Joined by his band Lee Moloney on drums and Richie Vez on bass, the song choices will no doubt get “turned up” from the get go…. “I have done an amazing amount of solo acoustic shows, the journey has taken me places never imagined, having said that, I’m really looking forward to being able to play material that really needs the bombastic energy of a band”. Plug in, turn up, you know the drill… !


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