Moby Dick @ Seymour Centre

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    Orson Welles
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Moby Dick

“Call me Ishmael…” so begins one of the defining tales of human literature, Herman Melville’s 1851 novel, Moby Dick. Aboard the hauntingly atmospheric ship, the Pequod, an extraordinary adventure unfolds as the single-minded Captain Ahab pursues his revenge. This great American classic is a hymn to the sea and it’s most powerful creature, to whaling lore and legend. This is a work of overwhelming imagination about the great struggle to defeat the nothingness – the whiteness – the encroaching terror of why we are alive, what is our faith worth, how do we perceive the world? For those who have not read Moby Dick in years or have never wet their feet, it is an example of the very greatest poetry ever put to paper – exquisitely playful, funny, barbaric, soul-shunting and desperate. To see it on stage is a miracle of theatricality, the power of the spoken word, and the skill of the actor. This is an epic story where poetry is the captain of the ocean and of us all. Sport for Jove and Director Adam Cook brings Orson Welles ingenious adaptation of Moby Dick to the stage in 2018.

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Moby Dick


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