Road to Ransome 'Animus' Album Release Tour @ Port Macquarie Hotel

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    Road to Ransome
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Road to Ransome 'Animus' Album Release Tour

To celebrate the release of the long awaited debut album from Road to Ransome, they will be embarking on an east coast tour at the start of April. Having played in these towns on weekenders or one off shows, they are eager to return this time in a full tour to unleash their own brand of symphonic fueled metalcore. They will be playing the singles "Nightmare" and title track "Animus", along with many others from this heavyweight of a release.


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Port Macquarie Hotel 18 April, Wrangler Studios (This Fiasco) 13 April, The Espy (This Fiasco) 12 April, The Basement (This Fiasco) 11 April, The Bald Faced Stag (This Fiasco) 09 April, Hamilton Station Hotel (This Fiasco) 06 April, Plantation Hotel (This Fiasco) 05 April, Yac Rock Café (This Fiasco) 04 April


Musicland 30 June