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Continuing his successful monthly residency at Foundry616, Vince Jones, Australia’s leading jazz vocalist/composer, returns to the club with a sensational repertoire and band. The combination of his unmistakable voice, thought provoking lyrics and subtle trumpet playing makes for an enticing and often moving performance. As a contemporary jazz singer, Jones uses his voice as an expressive instrument and the lyric as a vehicle for story and comment – and he sings like there’s nothing to prove. It’s a humble, humanistic and refreshing approach that gives us, the audience, the chance to be really moved. Scottish born, Jones’ musical path continues to be influenced by his Celtic heritage, as much as his beginnings as a bebop trumpet player. From his first album released in 1981, the quiet, strong statement of Watch What Happens, the smooth sultry tones of Vince Jones and his songwriting talent have been showcased in another 14 acclaimed albums - a loyal audience developing with each release and tour. Vince Jones’ latest offering is the 4th album in the Monash Sessions series released by Jazzhead. Whilst engaged in a teaching role at Monash University, the acclaimed vocalist led students from the university’s Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music. Jones is renowned for his subtle, heartfelt style combining jazz phrasing with soul-derived moves, and his repertoire combines jazz, blues, soul, folk and pop influences. Not only his vocals are expounded on this record as he also contributes on the Fugelhorn.The album features compositions written by Vince spanning 30 years of recordings and includes two tunes from The Great American Songbook; always a staple in Vince’s repertoire. Vince’s compositions include fan favourites such as Jettison, This is The Woman, Union Man and Wonder World. It also features guest performances from Australian pianist Sam Keevers and Head of the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Associate Professor Rob Burke.


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