Switchfoot 2012 @ The Factory Theatre

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San Diego heroes, Switchfoot, are set to return to Australia next month for a string of appearances at the national Soundwave Festival. Following the release of their 2003 album, ‘The Beautiful Letdown’ (a double-platinum album that straddled the line between sacred and secular rock music) Switchfoot hit the mainstream and produced two Top 20 hits with ‘Dare To Move’ and ‘Meant To Live.’ They have not stopped since. Releasing a string of albums since then, Switchfoot return to our shores in February following their latest offering, ‘Vice Verses’ which has sold over 125,000 copies and includes the latest single ‘Dark Horses’ currently Top 10 Alternative Rock Radio. With its play on words, Vice Verses, the title of Switchfoot’s new album, coherently suggests the album’s theme: everything has two sides. “Every blessing comes with a set of curses,” singer-guitarist Jon Foreman sings on the title track, all the while wondering if “there’s a meaning to it all.” That theme runs through the album’s 12 songs and is even reflected in the album’s black and white cover. When Switchfoot released the Grammy Award winning Hello Hurricane in 2009, it symbolized a rebirth of sorts. After a good run with Columbia Records, the band self-financed the building of its own studio and the recording of the album and released it on lowercase people via Atlantic Records. If 2009’s Hello Hurricane suggested a new chapter in the musical book that is Switchfoot, consider Vice Verses to be a sequel of sorts. Foreman says the album is “a brand new chapter, but would not exist without Hello Hurricane” and refers to it as a “surgical procedure where everything is clean-cut.” Like Hello Hurricane, it was recorded at the band’s own studio, where the comfort level is now much higher since the guys have been able to work out all of the space’s kinks. In addition to his role in Switchfoot, Foreman still finds time for Fiction Family, the acoustic outfit that he fronts alongside Nickel Creek’s Sean Watkins. He has also become a columnist for the Huffington Post and writes about topics as wide-ranging as his backyard garden and inspirational civil rights leaders. It’s set to be a great show! Don’t miss out… Price: $54.90 + BF Time: 8:30pm Visit the venue website below to buy tickets online.


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