Suicidal Tendencies Australian Tour 2011 @ Capitol

Suicidal Tendencies Australian Tour 2011

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES were never afraid of a little controversy. The godfathers of crossover thrash and creators of skate punk have dedicated their careers to delivering the middle finger salute to anyone who opposed their views (which included LA authorities who banned them for playing in the city for 6 years)

Playing their irrepressible blend of punk, thrash, funk and hardcore, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES are certainly true to their ideals of 'no rules.' Mike Muir's extreme sincerity and full of rage ravings have garnered the ST Army the world over. "In typical fashion the band was explosive in their playing with Mike running all over the stage delivering his lines. The whole building seemed to shake with everyone screaming as one." - Metal Army

Unbelievably influential, without SUICIDAL TENDENCIES you would not have the myriad of thrash metal and vicious hard-core bands that permeate the modern musical landscape. Delivering the fast-paced, aggressive and raw sound they pioneered, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES will be getting Cyco on their Australian tour next May…ST….ST….ST….ST!


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