M.I.A with Die Antwoord - Big Day Out Sideshows 2011 @ Metro Theatre - Transit Lounge

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M.I.A with Die Antwoord - Big Day Out Sideshows...

Standing at the front line of live music this summer is the one-woman shock and awe campaign that is M.I.A.

“M.I.A. is one of the most infuriating, fascinating icons in music. Celebrate her. Stick with her” (NME, July 2010).

The Sri Lankan-British “singer/rapper/firebrand” (Pitchfork) fearlessly cuts through genre boundaries and lyrical taboos, blazing new ground from the clubs to the streets with powerhouse tracks like Galang, Paper Planes and, from her latest album MAYA, Born Free and XXXO.

“Ambitious, contradictory, unrepentant, unafraid to charge in head first and worry about the consequences later: what else would you expect from M.I.A.? As ever, MAYA sets out more questions than it answers. And as ever, that may well be what makes both album and author so compelling” (The Vine, July 2010).

One of the most talked-about artists of the 2000s, M.I.A. has been nominated for a Grammy, the Mercury Music Prize and an Oscar, been named one of Time magazine’s most influential people and topped charts and best-of-the-year lists with her albums Arular and Kala.

On record and on stage, M.I.A. delivers “pure, flashing brilliance, a lightning cognitive connection of word, idea and sound that few do so well” (NME, July 2010).

Often controversial, always compelling, M.I.A knows only one way: all guns blazing. Take cover, Australia.

Supporting M.I.A on these Big Day Out sideshows straight outta Cape Town are South Africa’s interweb-conquering, next level, hip hop heroes DIE ANTWOORD.


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