The 2 Live Crew (USA) Australian Tour @ The Esplanade Hotel - Gershwin Room

The 2 Live Crew (USA) Australian Tour

The Espy's enormous New Year's celebrations are getting bigger with the announcement that controversial hip hop outfit 2 Live Crew will be performing on New Year's Day.

No rap group has stirred more controversy or provoked more heated debate than the 2 Live Crew. The furor over the graphic sexual content of their X-rated party rhymes -- specifically their 1989 album As Nasty as They Wanna Be -- was a major catalyst in making rap music a flash point for controversy and an easily visible target for self-appointed moral guardians and became the first record in America to be deemed legally obscene.

However to focus only on the controversy ignores the 2 Live Crew's musical contributions. They were responsible for popularizing the booming, hard-driving sound of Miami bass music, and they were the founding fathers of a populist, dance-oriented rap subgenre that relied on simple, explicit chants and up-tempo rump-shaking grooves, appropriately dubbed "booty rap."


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The Hi-Fi 06 January, The Esplanade Hotel - Gershwin Room (Peril, Ransom) 01 January