The 2 Live Crew (USA) Australian Tour @ The Hi-Fi

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    The 2 Live Crew
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The 2 Live Crew (USA) Australian Tour

Illusive is proud to announce that Miami’s kings of booty bass, The 2 Live Crew, will be performing their very first Sydney show for one night only on Thursday 6th January 2011 at the Forum.

The members of The 2 Live Crew has been responsible for some of the hottest titles in the history of rap music, with sales of over ten million units sold worldwide and a catalogue of some of the most polarising party songs in history including We Want Some P-ssy, Me So Horny, Hoochie Mama and Face Down, A-- Up. Their tracks have been featured in massively influential cult films like New Jack City, Boyz N The Hood and Friday.

No rap group has stirred more controversy or provoked more heated debate than The 2 Live Crew. The furore over the graphic sexual content of their X-rated party rhymes - specifically their 1989 album As Nasty as They Wanna Be - was a major catalyst in making rap music a flash point for controversy and became the first record in America to be deemed legally obscene. Retailers were arrested for selling the banned album on several occasions in North America.

The group became the target of attacks from right-wing groups like the Parents Music Resource Centre, which slammed them as obscene. The group feels that those critics totally missed the point of what The 2 Live Crew music is all about. Group members Brother Marquis and Fresh Kid Ice stated that they just “make party music".

However to focus only on the controversy ignores the 2 Live Crew's musical contributions. They were responsible for popularising the booming, hard-driving sound of Miami bass music, and they were the founding fathers of a populist, dance-oriented rap subgenre that relied on simple, explicit chants and up-tempo rump-shaking grooves, appropriately dubbed ‘booty bass’.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this historical tour. Just don’t tell your parents.


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