Emilie Autumn Australian Tour @ The Esplanade Hotel - Gershwin Room

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    Emilie Autumn
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Emilie Autumn Australian Tour

Dark. Artistic. Quirky. Sexy. These are just some of the superlatives that fit avant-garde gothic multi-instrumentalist Emilie Autumn.

As a child prodigy, Emilie Autumn started playing the violin at the age of four graduating to collaborate with Billy Corgan and appearing as Courtney Love's "anarchy violinist”. Complete with a pair of raging stilettos, pearl beads and a pompadour wig, Emilie Autumn has forged her own career. The signature electric violin pyrotechnics, heartbreakingly lush orchestrations and menacing lyrics growled with enough intensity to make your hair stand on end, result in a harpsichord-heavy romp through Victorian asylums where screaming is allowed and girls always get revenge.

On her new album ‘Opheliac’, Emilie Autumn shows that she is a true artistic find. From her instrumental prowess, devilishly dark lyrics, metal-shredding violin solos and unique, sultry voice, she is a musical force to be reckoned with. “The music created is a maelstrom of insanity and fulfilment.” – Dark Nation

The Los Angeles-born starlet's theatrical stage show is a sexy circus of glam-rock burlesque, backed by a scantily-clad, corset donning girl band known as the Bloody Crumpets. The two-and-a-half hour long Asylum show extravaganza is “where madness reigns, this is no rock show; this is Vaudeville. This is a fucking Broadway musical.” – Metal Martyr

But beware: It is much easier to get into the Asylum than it is to get out...


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