A Day To Remember - Soundwave Sideshows 2010 @ The Hi-Fi

A Day To Remember - Soundwave Sideshows 2010

The ability to evolve and push boundaries has never been more important than it is now. While the mainstream becomes safer, the dynamic, genre-bending acts are driven underground, to be discovered by a whole new generation of music fans not content with the identikit bands constantly shoved down their throats. It is this hallowed place that A Day To Remember has not-so-subtly been taking over, from stereos to mosh pits across the world. Be prepared for an unforgettable ride through gang vocals, sing-a-long choruses and crushing breakdowns. Grab your friends and watch A Day To Remember set the world alight.

So what separates Set Your Goals from all the other bands you might ask? For one, they have no gimmicks. They don’t need to wear flashy neon, dress up like white kids at a 50 Cent concert or sing about getting wasted to melt their listeners’ faces. No trendy haircuts or cheesy breakdowns here, just straight up head bobbling pop-punk whilst still maintaining their hardcore roots. Set Your Goals has already proven their longevity and dedication to the music through relentless touring “and they have clearly established themselves as one of the leading bands of today’s pop punk realm” – Behind The Hype

Bringing a unique blend of brutal breakdowns and soaring choruses, Four Year Strong have cut their teeth into the Worcester hardcore scene and thirst for more. Their music incites a riot, leaving crowds blown away, and fired up. With this do-it-yourself determination, Four Year Strong do not pretend to be anyone but themselves and have clearly risen above the hype.

Stirring you to charge around in a circle like a maniac and clenching your fists, This Is Hell are genuine and uncontrived hardcore. Be sure not to miss what Punknews describes as "unrelentingly dissonant yet throat-punchingly direct, This Is Hell is a prime band to watch."

This ferocious quadruple bill is destined to be one of the most talked about Sidewave shows ever. A Day To Remember, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong and This Is Hell will be performing 2 club shows only!


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