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    Tim Minchin
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Tim Minchin - Ready For This?

Around the world, everyone’s got something to say about this dark, luminous

In London, they reckon he's the "next big thing in
musical comedy" (The Times) and advise, "If you
haven't caught this comic genius before, sell your
grandmother to get a ticket”. (Time Out).

In Las Vegas, “the room exploded in a massive
standing ovation”. (Los Angeles Times).

In Scotland, they insist he is “an extraordinary
performer". (The Scotsman).

And in Norway, they say "Tim Minchin er noe av det
morsomste jeg har sett noen gang". (Stavanger). And
we all know that such praise is rare from the Norse.
In Melbourne, they claim he's " witty, smart, and
unabashedly offensive” and that his lyrics “sound as if
they were written by Noel Coward with his head in a
microwave." (The Age). Hmm.

Audiences around Australia can decide what to say about Tim Minchin themselves in 2009, as
he tours the country for the first time in two years. From March to May, Minchin will charm
audiences in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong, Adelaide and Geelong with his
virtuosic piano playing and acerbic wit.

Ready for This? enthralled audiences at the recent Edinburgh Fringe, and contains new
songs, new rants, a 9-minute beat poem about a hippy, and just enough of his acclaimed
Darkside and So Rock stuff to keep the old fans from rioting.

''The entire show is of such a fantastically high standard that it's difficult to pick out
highlights.'' – (The Herald, Scotland)

Winner of the Perrier Award for Best Newcomer (Edinburgh 2005), the Festival Director's
Award (Melbourne 2005) and Best Alternative Comedian (US Comedy Arts Festival, 2007).
Of all the big-haired, bare-footed, piano-thumping, sex-obsessed, god-bashing, philosopherrockstar-
comedians you could see in 2009, Tim Minchin is definitely in the top five.

“I’ve written a new show about the things that hurt my brain,” says Tim. “It will make you
laugh, even if you’re a misanthropic curmudgeon recovering from a tracheotomy.”

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