The Basics 'Get Back' Tri-State Relaunch Tour @ Hopetoun Hotel (CLOSED INDEFINITELY)

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The Basics 'Get Back' Tri-State Relaunch Tour

Melbourne band THE BASICS have thus-far made a living out of revisiting the music of yesteryear, but now
they’re doing a retrospective of their own by re-issuing Get Back, their little-known debut album from 2002,
re-mastered and re-packaged as an hors d'oeuvres of sorts to THE BASICS upcoming new recordings.

And to celebrate THE BASICS will be dusting off their jackets, polishing their boots and embarking on a tri-state
launch tour throughout August. Incorporating a dual state residency in NSW and Victoria as well as shows in Queensland

THE BASICS will play across four venues and be supported by a revolving door of 13 different special guests and a horde of punters.

Marvel as THE BASICS tear down Sydney’s Hopetoun Hotel down every Tuesday in August starting on August 5
and finishing on August thrilled when THE BASICS rip shit up in Melbourne at The Evelyn Hotel every
Thursday in August from Thursday 7 through to Thursday 28....feel special when our heroes kick out the jams on Friday 29 August at the Sol Bar at Coolum Beach and do it all over again on Saturday 30 August at The Troubadour in Brisbane.

The band, which played their first gigs under the name The Big Nothing and then The Big Something, officially
became known as THE BASICS in early 2002. Wally De Backer (now also doubling as the human face of Gotye),
Kris Schroeder and Michael Hubbard recorded the cheekily-titled GET BACK, an album of all-original songs with heart and influence
worn proudly on the sleeve (Hubbard, now of Downhills Home, left the group in mid-2004 and was replaced by Tim Heath).

Get Back was knocked over from go-to-whoa in six days - four recording, two mixing, and a quick three hour mastering session.

And now, six years after the fact, that prospect is now a reality. The original 1000 CDs sold out long ago, and
before the release of new material that will see The Basics finally progress into territory they can shamelessly call their own,
the time seems right to stop and take a look back at their humble beginnings.


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