Cosentino Threshold: The Art Of Illusion, Dance & Escapes Tour @ Manning Entertainment Centre

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Cosentino Threshold: The Art Of Illusion, Dance &...

Unique Australian Illusionist Cosentino will embark on an ambitious 44 date tour across the country commencing on 27 June 2008.

At the tender age of 24, Cosentino has already achieved what many performers twice his age have only dreamed of. Entirely self-taught, he has toured nationally, amazed audiences in America and won a number of prestigious awards including three times Australian Champion Magician and first prize at the Adelaide Magic Convention. He has contributed to a Guinness World Record and was nominated for a Helpmann Award for the 2007 touring production Evolution.

Combining the ambition and skill of the legendary Harry Houdini, together with his considerable charm and modern style Cosentino is quite unlike any other Australian performer. At just 12 years of age while others dream of joining a band or running away to the circus, Cosentino spent hours studying magic books perfecting his skills and performing for family and friends.

Threshold: The Art of Illusion, Dance & Escapes is a world-class performance where audiences will witness dangerous and nail-biting escapes, incredible illusions and controlled mentalism, blended with energetic dance, audience participation and humour.

Threshold highlights include; an elaborate water escape where Cosentino is shackled at the waist, wrists and legs and lowered into a 44 gallon drum filled with water and left to escape before he runs out of breath; an illusion that sees an assistant placed into a tight vertical cabinet reminiscent of a torture device and divided into eight separate pieces; an act that defies the law of physics when everyday items such as spoons and forks are examined by audience members and then bend, break and shatter under Cosentino’s command; and a unique straight jacket escape inspired by the great Harry Houdini himself where Cosentino is bound tightly in the jacket and locked in a padded cell while a rack of deadly spikes hang above him from a burning rope.


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