Amor E Paranoia Tour 2007 @ Bombay Rock

Amor E Paranoia Tour 2007

Regurgitator headed down south to Brazil during the past year to record their sixth album LOVE AND PARANOIA… welcome to a jungle of 80s inspired, keyboard driven poprock tunes featuring opening track BLOOD AND SPUNK. Quan, Ben, Pete, and latest permanent addition Seja Vogel (from Sekiden) on keyboard duty packed their bags and jetted off into a great unknown to produce one of their most stylistically consistent albums ever. So after a few years of short tours and one off festival appearances they now take this latest escapade to the backroads of Australia across October and November.

Along for the romance will be special friends – NEW PANTS from China and I HEART HIROSHIMA. Quan hanging out in Hong Kong had the great fortune to witness New Pants live with their catchy embrace of “gerling, new order, biz, and ramones”, and it was love at first listen for him. So hey ho let’s do a tour together, and with their new album
Dragon Tiger Panacea out now in Australia… here we go for a group hug. I Heart Hiroshima have just released their debut album Tuff Teef, recently described by Robert Forster (The Go-Betweens) as “the best band he has seen from Brisbane in years”…and of course their friendship
and inclusion makes for nothing more than a grand bouquet.

Assume the position.

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