Revesby Workers Club

  • Cuisine:
    Cake, Italian and Pub Food
  • Phone: (02) 9772 2100
  • Open:
    Lunch, Dinner and Late
  • Address:
    Revesby Workers Club
    2B Brett St
    Revesby, Sydney, NSW 2212
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Revesby Workers’ Club has come a long way since inception in 1962 – our original 250 membership base has just reached a milestone 40,000 members. Our members come to the Club because it is a good place for friends and family to gather together, to enjoy food and entertainment that is good value and good quality.We continue to operate under the same values and philosophy our founders exhibited almost 50 years ago. In 2008 alone, Revesby Workers’ Club donated over $629,700 to the local community, to our local schools, councils, sporting groups, charities and the list goes on.To meet the ever-changing needs and interests of the local community, the Club is about to embark upon an exciting $180m development. The development plans have been proposed to increase the range of services and facilities that are available to the wider community. The new facilities will include an aquatic centre, childcare centre, supermarket, specialty shopping mall, fitness centre and a small hotel.The development plans are indicative of Revesby’s commitment to the future and to the community. Despite the physical changes to the club, we will always continue to provide excellent food, entertainment and service to ensure your visit to Revesby Workers’ Club is a memorable one.

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