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  • Phone: (03) 9329 1267
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    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
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    76 Therry Street
    Melbourne, VIC 3000
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At Invita we think about the customer first and foremost and our food reflects it. We use the finest ingredients (mostly organic) in all our food for a mouth watering bite every time. We also care about The Earth and hence use predominantly organic produce, recycle as much waste as possible and also use renewable sources of energy. Most businesses look at the bottom line (profit margin) first and then the customer. At Invita we believe that we are socially responsible for the type of food we serve, unlike some notable fast food chains in Australia. You as a customer is our most valuable asset and for the last several years we have adjusted our food and service to meet the expectations of each and every single customer. If at any time, you are unsatisfied by the food or service, please talk to one of our friendly customer service members. At Invita we believe that food should be healing and not a burden to the body. In ancient cultures, food was used as a mechanism to heal and rejuvenate the body. Even today, there are cultures that treat food as the sole source of all health and wellbeing. Balanced correctly, food can be a quite potent in healing the body and mind. All our food is prepared on the premises daily. We do not use any sort of preservatives in our food including vitamin C and sugar (or artificial sugars such as Aspartame).

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