The German Club

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  • Phone: (02) 4271 5011
  • Open:
    Lunch, Dinner and Take Away
  • Address:
    The German Club
    636A Northcliffe Dr
    Kembla Grange, Wollongong, NSW 2526
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Dining Information:

  • Entrees Price: $6-$7
  • Mains Price: $14-$22
  • Dessert: $4-$6
  • Alcohol: Licensed
Opening hours:
Wed- Sun 12noon - 2pm & 6pm - 8:30pm

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The Club itself is not your traditional club. It is a great place to come and enjoy a time of relaxation, and to eat and drink the German way.
The club was originally established as a place where German people went to find their own countrymen. A place where they could find something of what they had left behind. They developed groups within the club. A welfare group, a German Male Choir, Ladies Choir, Skat Card group, to name a few. As time went on, the members thought they would like to share what they had with everyone else.
As a result of this decision, everyone is welcome to join the warm friendly atmosphere of this small intimate club. If you like it enough, you could become a member.
The AGA Club is happy to cater for any functions. We have a function menu to cater for all. The club can also supply balloons and dress the table. We can also organise a cake for your happy occasion.

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