Cavern Club

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    Cavern Club
    Station Arcade
    136 North Tce

    Adelaide, SA 5000
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Opening hours:
Wed 12noon - 9pm
Thu- Sat 12noon - 12midnight
Sun 12noon - 9pm

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The Cavern Club opened in Mathew Street on Wednesday 16th January 1957. Its policy was to put Liverpool on the map as having the leading jazz cellar in the country, outside of London. Opened and owned by ALAN SYTNER it was named after the Parisienne Jazz Club ""Le Caveau. "".
The opening act on that first night was the Merseysippi Jazz Band and over the next three years many of the great names of British jazz performed on the same stage. During that period the club became a focal point for jazz enthusiasts. However, although it attracted the big names the limited capacity of the club meant profits were not great.
By 1959 Alan Sytner had sold the club to Ray McFall, who continued to maintain it as a leading jazz venue, however, the days of jazz at the club were numbered.
The opening of the Cavern had coincided with the skiffle craze. Skiffle was an improvised form of jazz and the hillbilly sound that was popularised in Britain during the early 50s was produced with rudimentary instruments such as guitars, washboard, jug and packing case single string bass.

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