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    Barney Mcall
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Barney Mcall at WPAC Theatre

Pianist-composer Barney McAll has been a favourite of Wangaratta audiences, ever since he won the inaugural National Jazz Awards at the 1990 festival. Having begun his career in Melbourne (working alongside notable artists like Allan Browne, Vince Jones and David Rex), Barney has been based in New York since 1998, working with such notable artists as Gary Bartz, Billy Harper, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Vincent Herring, Dewey Redman and Josh Roseman. He has released series of vividly detailed, highly original albums on the Jazzhead label. Barney has given many memorable performances over the years at Wangaratta, including his 2011 concert with choir and jazz ensemble, ‘Graft’. For his Non-Compliance Trio concert at Wangaratta this year, Barney will be joined by old friends, Jonathan Zwartz (bass) and Hamish Stuart (drums). For his solo piano concert in the Cathedral, Barney will explore a wide musical terrain, including some of the gospel music he regularly performs on Sundays at a church in Brooklyn. Barney says, “My music is about trying to create some kind of emotional response and it’s also about letting any hypnotic cycle occur and be welcomed and enthusiastically incorporated. I am happy to ‘dine out’ on serendipity with the best of them. I also like to work with the overtones on the piano and I have realised lately that exploring resonance and using resonances is a big part of what I do as a pianist. “I have played in so many diverse settings from straight ahead bebop to abstracted free jazz to old school funk and I’m glad for that because it has shown me so much about what I love to do myself and what really inspires me musically . Thus for the trio concert and for the solo piano concert I will be getting back to what I love to do as a pianist. I have spent so much time with more compositional large ensemble situations in the last five or so years, now I can stretch out a little on the ivories. “The Non-Compliance trio with Jonathan and Hamish has been making music together since the mid ‘90s and that’s a real blessing. I have written some new pieces that are kind of gospel-influenced but also kind of filth-ridden, in a good way! “I have been listening to and trying to absorb a lot of Bud Powell and James Booker in the last while. Bud is the reason I started playing in many ways and I had this enthusiastic thought that his music might have some clues for me, so I decided to go back again and check Bud out with that in mind. James Booker on the other hand is someone that has the richest warmest soul sounds at the piano that I have ever heard, and I just have always wanted to understand how he creates that sound. “I have been enjoying playing organ and piano in a church in Jamaica, Queens, New York , every Sunday that I am in town and that’s another reason I have been checking out James Booker ; his fantastic spiritual and church sounds. I get to improvise in church where I provide a sort of underscore for the congregational prayer time. I feel like there are some keys to the origins of improvisation in doing this and to me it’s a fascinating and very rewarding experience. “For the solo piano concert I will be playing some of the spirituals I have learnt and also some other new solo pieces I have written. This music will be a preview of my first solo piano recording which will be called Every Piano Needs A House In It. I am very much, as always, looking forward to performing at Wangaratta festival again, the birth place of so much Australian music. The bohemian grove of Australian Jazz!”


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