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    Vince Jones
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Vince Jones

If there was one voice in Australian jazz more recognised than any other, it would be that of Vince Jones. Vince Jones' understanding of jazz places him as a visionary in his field. His instinct for great harmony and the very principles of jazz - surprise and spontaneity - will transport audiences beyond a simple show. Vince Jones' music includes original songs and beautiful contemporary versions of jazz standards. His themes are often love, injustice, peace and anti-greed. The heart of his work lies at the crossroads of Afro-American blues and the melodies of the Celtic folk tradition. The songs he chooses - written by him or by others - always make an original, personal statement. Since his career began more than 30 years ago, Vince Jones has released 14 albums to critical acclaim. Though never a mainstream artist, he has always been popular, demonstrated through album sales and audience numbers. He has toured extensively in Europe and the US and continues to play regularly to loyal fans around Australia. Vince Jones' latest offering Modern Folk is a compilation of songs recorded live on different stages around Australia. He records and tours with a band comprising musicians who are highly regarded in their own right, including Matt McMahon on piano, Simon Barker on drums and Ben Waples on bass.


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Little Malop St Central 30 November, Fly By Night 16 November, Fly By Night Club 07 September, Memo Music Hall 27 August, Little Malop St Central 18 April, Southcombe Park Sports Reserve 10 March, Milton Theatre 28 January


Bird’s Basement 04 December, Bird’s Basement 03 December, Bird’s Basement 02 December, Bird’s Basement 01 December, Bird’s Basement 30 November, Bird’s Basement 29 November, The Flying Saucer 14 August, The Flying Saucer 13 August, Bison Bar 23 June, Ulumbarra Theatre 18 June, The Ellington Jazz Club 24 July, Brisbane Powerhouse 24 June, The Ellington Jazz Club 23 July, Memo Music Hall 05 March, The Thornbury Theatre 04 March, Milton Theatre 23 January, Memo Music Hall 05 March, Lt Malop Central 11 February, Lt Malop Central 01 February, Lt Malop Central 25 January, Lt Malop Central 11 January, Canberra Theatre Centre 09 March, Bennetts Lane Jazz Club 09 January, Django Bar @ Camelot Lounge 22 January


The Flying Saucer Club 30 September, Blue Beat 12 September, Lizotte's Restaurant 31 August, Lizotte's Restaurant Sydney 01 September, Trak Live Lounge Bar 20 May, Blue Beat 23 February, Illawarra Performing Arts Centre 10 February, Sydney Opera House 18 March


Blue Beat 22 December, Coogee Bay Hotel (Simon Barker, Matt McMahon, James Muller and Ben Wabbles) 28 December, The Street Theatre 30 July, The Ellington Jazz Club 26 June, The Ellington Jazz Club 24 June