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The winners of the Guringai Writing Competition 2013 will be displayed alongside a selection of paintings by Walangari Karntawarra, the international award winning Central Western Desert painter at Willoughby Council’s Foyer Exhibition Space, 9am - 5pm, Tuesday 25 June to Thursday 11 July.

The official opening of Walangari’s Songlines exhibition by Willoughby Mayor Pat Reilly, and announcement of competition winners will be held 6pm, Tuesday 25 July.

This exhibition and competition are part of the 2013 Guringai Festival.

Walangari Karntwarra
Walangari Karntawarra is an Australian Aboriginal elder whose colourful and spellbinding works tell the traditional Dreaming Stories of the world’s oldest living culture. He uses his art as a means of cross-cultural communication.

Walangari’s childhood was spent living a traditional lifestyle in the Australian outback. His direct family line includes the famous water colourist Albert Namatjira and two of the founding fathers of the Papunya Tula movement, Clifford Possum and Paddy Carroll. Walangari's life and paintings have been featured in many publications and television documentaries, and his work has been exhibited extensively both in Australia and internationally. The National Gallery of Australia has acquired one of his early works and he was voted the 2010 “Deadly” Visual Artist of the Year.


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