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Sisters Olga, Irina & Masha are orphaned military brats posted far, far way from their beloved motherland Moscow. Shadowed by their golden boy brother Andrei, and clutching white knuckled to the dream of returning home, these three sisters are bored, disillusioned and hungry for life. Isolated and lonely they hold court in their island villa where the town’s bucking military elite and the motley pieces of their family pass through their doors and unravel their existence. Factotum’s latest production serves up Chekhov’s masterpiece in full technicolour: a kaleidoscope of lust, literature, vodka, Polaroids, heartbreak, philosophy, dreams and gypsy punk. Sneak your way into TAP gallery’s upstairs theatre and peek into the private lives of the privileged and disenchanted. Performed by Aaron J Marsh, Alison McGirr, Alixandra Kupcik, Ben Dalton, Evan Ferguson, John Shearer, Michael Smith, Nicole Wineberg, Patrick George, Paul Armstrong, Penny Day & Shaelee Rooke.


Theatre & Comedy

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