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After 12 months of writing and recording, Melbourne’s Blackchords are ready and raring to release the much-awaited first single ‘Dance Dance Dance’ from their forthcoming second album, due for release later this year. With international producing maestro David Odlum at the helm (former guitarist with The Frames, producer- The Frames, Gemma Hayes, Luka Bloom, Josh Ritter, Tinariwen), Blackchords bunkered down in an isolated barn/improvised studio in Country Victoria for two weeks. Experimenting with intense time pressure to give greater feeling with less analysis, frontman Nick Milwright described their approach; “It was all about feel this time. We kept throwing things at songs and moving on. We didn't have time to keep going back over and over songs and listening.” Odlum's drive to capture the group’s unique sound was unwavering, says Milwright. “He flew in from France the night before we started, worked 16 hour days and flew out on the last day after we finished at 5am. He spent his summer holiday in Australia and pretty much saw no light!” ‘Dance Dance Dance’ arrives on the airwaves with a mix of melancholy and a hook that is undeniably buoyant, alongside a re-recorded version of the dark and majestic ‘As Night Falls’, originally written for the Australian feature film Blame(2011). The music video for ‘Dance Dance Dance’ was filmed during recording at ‘The Shed’ in the Yarra Valley and provides a fascinating behind the scenes look at the band during the recording process.


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