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To us colour is sacred and powerful and ownership of different colours is accorded to specific Aboriginal nations. As the living custodian of the "Blue Lightning", I am the only artist permitted to paint this important Dreaming, which originates from my Father's traditional homeland, Winparrku. The Blue Lightning Dreaming story is about two of the most beautiful women in the Dreamtime. They were sisters from the Walpiri nation of Central Australia and their beauty was widely known. One day a group of men from the Pitjantjatjarra nation tried to get the sisters to come to them. They made red lightning and when the sisters saw it in the sky they became hypnotized and started to walk towards the men far off in the distance. As the red lightning was crackling in the sky my ancestor, an old magic man from Winparrku heard all the commotion and sought to investigate. To his left he saw the red lightning and looking to his right, he noticed in the distance the two sisters walking in a trance. Realising that the men were trying to lure the women, he immediately sent down a bolt of brilliant blue lightning, which broke the spell. The women were saved and became his wives. Artwork visual and list of works on application. Trading Hours: Tue - Sun 12:00 - 6:00pm


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