Candy Harlots Reunion 2009 @ gt's Hotel

Candy Harlots Reunion 2009

Releasing their debut album 'Five Wicked Ways' (ARIA chart top 30) and the top 10 singles 'Sister's Crazy' and 'The Lady Shakes ' in 1992, the Candy Harlots established themselves as one of the live circuit's biggest drawcards. Winning five star reviews in the international press and with a fiery reputation to match their sound the Harlots seemed unstoppable,but with a history that could rival Motley Crue's 'The Dirt' for self destruction and debauchery it was inevitable that the Harlots would die young and leave a good looking corpse!

However in this age of reanimation-and after 17 years apart the Candy Harlots are set to reunite coming to town for one show only at Sydney's Gaelic Theater on Saturday, October 31st.


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gt's Hotel (The Next, Sirens Of Io) 31 October