Little Birdy @ Peninsula Lounge

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    Little Birdy
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Little Birdy Events & Ticketing Wall

Little Birdy Previous Events, Festivals & Tour dates


Alexandra Hills Hotel (Hungry Kids Of Hungary) 11 December, The Astor Theatre (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary) 09 October, Brothers Leagues Club Cairns (Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 03 October, Bombay Rock (Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 02 October, Mackay Entertainment Convention Centre (Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 30 September, Gladstone Entertainment Centre (Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 29 September, Yamba Bowling and Recreation Club (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 25 September, Civic Theatre Newcastle (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 19 September, Enmore Theatre (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 18 September, Waves (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 16 September, Hellenic Club of Canberra (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 13 September, The Forum Theatre (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 11 September, HQ Complex (Red Riders, Hungry Kids Of Hungary ) 10 September, Apple Store Sydney 22 July, Capitol 30 May, Prince Of Wales (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 29 May, Settlers Tavern (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 28 May, Governor Hindmarsh Hotel (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 24 May, Ferntree Gully Hotel (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 23 May, The Hi-Fi (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 22 May, Pier Live (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 21 May, ANU Bar (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 14 May, Metro Theatre - Transit Lounge (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 13 May, Baroque (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 12 May, The Northern (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 07 May, The Hi-Fi (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 06 May, The Coolangatta Hotel (Oh Mercy, Felicity Groom) 03 May


The Hi-Fi (Skipping Girl Vinegar, Dash & Will) 26 July, The Corner Hotel (Sugar Army, Ned Collette) 15 March, The Zoo (Sugar Army) 13 March, Oxford Art Factory (Sugar Army) 12 March


Main Street Nightclub (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 06 October, Bombay Rock (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 05 October, Brothers Leagues Club Cairns (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 04 October, The Sands Tavern (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 02 October, Fisherman's Wharf Tavern (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 29 September, The Tempo Hotel (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 28 September, A & I Hall (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 27 September, The Hi-Fi (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 21 September, 21st Century Nightclub 20 September, The Pub (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 19 September, Metro Theatre - Transit Lounge (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 14 September, Caringbah Bizzo's (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 13 September, The Newport Hotel (Sugar Army & Rick Steele) 09 September, High Road Hotel (Sugar Army & Rick Steele) 08 September, The Dunsborough (Sugar Army & Rick Steele) 07 September, Amplifier Bar (Sugar Army & Rick Steele) 06 September, Fitzroy Hotel 03 July, Castle Lounge - Penrith RSL (Red Jezebel & Sherlocks Daughter) 16 September, Soden's 07 June, The Venue (GiLF) 06 June, Newcastle Panthers (Little Birdy) 31 May, Enmore Theatre (Little Birdy) 02 June, Metro City (Little Birdy) 24 May, Settlers Tavern 29 March, The Tivoli (Little Birdy) 03 May, Ruby's Lounge (GPop) 14 March, Peninsula Lounge (Abbe May) 11 March, The Palais, Hepburn Springs (Abbe Fuzz) 10 March, The Palais, Hepburn Springs 27 February, Enmore Theatre (Little Birdy) 01 June, Unibar (Little Birdy) 30 May, Albert Hall (Little Birdy) 20 May, Hobart City Hall (Little Birdy) 19 May, Palais Theatre (Little Birdy) 17 May, Bombay Rock (Little Birdy) 10 May, Brothers Leagues Club Cairns (Little Birdy) 09 May


The Palais, Hepburn Springs (Red Riders , Abbe Fuzz) 06 November, Bombay Rock (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 30 November, Outback Jacks Bar & Grill Cairns (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 29 November, Outback Jacks Bar & Grill Cairns (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 28 November, Tattersalls Club (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 26 November, The Tivoli (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 25 November, The Coolangatta Hotel (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 24 November, The Sands Tavern (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 23 November, Metropolis Fremantle (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 17 November, Players Bar (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 16 November, Governor Hindmarsh Hotel (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 12 November, The Hi-Fi (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 10 November, The Hi-Fi (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 09 November, Karova Lounge (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 08 November, The Palais, Hepburn Springs (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 06 November, Three Legged Dog (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 04 November, ANU Bar (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 03 November, Bar On The Hill (Newcastle University) (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 02 November, Roadhouse Music (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 26 October, Skinnys Music 20 October, Warringah Mall 19 October, JB HiFi 18 October, Big Star Music 17 October, Jive 17 October, Plantation Hotel (Abbe Fuzz, Red Riders) 01 November, Ruby's Lounge 12 September, Amplifier Bar (One Horse Town, Jeff Strong) 16 September, Prince Of Wales (One Horse Town) 15 September, Peninsula Lounge (One Horse Town) 10 September, Fowlers Live (Special Patrol, One Horse Town) 08 September, The Northern (One Horse Town) 06 September, The Zoo (One Horse Town, Guy Webster) 05 September, Newcastle Leagues Club (One Horse Town) 02 September