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Bob Log III Previous Events, Festivals & Tour dates


The B.East 16 June


The Phoenix Pub 01 December, The Tote Hotel 15 September


The Enigma Bar 25 November, Rosemount Hotel 03 November, Northcote Uniting Church 30 October, St John's Anglican Church 02 November, Hamilton Hotel 12 March, Jive 29 January


The Gasometer Hotel 24 October, The Gasometer Hotel 24 October, Yours and Owls 30 March


The Barking Dog 26 December, Bridge Hotel 20 December, The Substation 17 August, Vanguard 18 January


The Tote Hotel 24 August, Vanguard 16 March, Jive 17 February, Northcote Social Club (The Dad Horse Experience) 14 January


Vanguard 20 August, Vanguard 19 August


The Northern 03 October, Northcote Social Club (Money For Rope, The Once Overs) 03 September, Jive 30 April


The Brisbane Hotel (The Town Bikes) 27 December, North Street Cafe and Bar 19 December, The Tea Club 18 December, Harp Hotel 17 December, Brass Monkey 16 December, Unknown Venue 13 December, The Hoey Moey 11 December, Beach Hotel 10 December, The Junkyard @ The Grand Junction Hotel 09 December, Baroque 27 June, Annandale Hotel (Gun Street Girls (feat Dave Larkin - ex Dallas Crane)) 26 June, Harp Hotel (Bittersweetkicks, Spencer P. Jones and The Escape Committee) 25 June, The Sands Tavern 27 February, Jive (Abbe May) 06 March, Step Inn (Abbe May) 28 February, The Sands Tavern (Abbe May) 27 February, The Northern (Abbe May) 26 February, East Brunswick Club Hotel (Abbe May, Gasoline Stew & The Dump and The Town Bikes) 21 February, The Palais, Hepburn Springs 20 February, Brass Monkey (Abbe May) 15 February, Northern Star Hotel and Restaurant (Abbe May) 14 February, Annandale Hotel (Abbe May) 13 February, Flynns on Surf (Abbe May, Little Red Vamp) 12 February


The Esplanade Hotel - Gershwin Room (The Puta Madre Brothers, The Jacknives, Pistons Misfire, Miss Peachy Keen, Ms Jadess, The Amazing Rollergirl, The Real Hot Bitches) 07 November, Hopetoun Hotel (CLOSED INDEFINITELY) 22 March, Jive (Town Bikes, King Daddy) 29 February


Spectrum (The Camels, Regular John, the Mares, Further, Modular Lounge, the Smallgoods, Wons Phreely, Grafton Primary, Theatre of Disco, the Instant, Amy Meredith, Ghosts of Television, Death Mattel, Talons, Yes Nukes, Emergency! Emergency!, Bird Automatic, Hand Me My Jetpack, Goldfoot, Dj Knife, Best Friends, Francoise Buble, the September Gurls, Stature::Statue, Lions at Your Door, Savoy Kicks) 14 July, Ruby's Lounge 26 May, Metropolis Fremantle (Bob Log III) 14 May, Spectrum (The Pink Fits, Waylon P Flawstain) 23 February, Brass Monkey (The Handsome Young Strangers, Waylon P Flawstain) 22 February, Three Legged Dog 21 February


Ruby's Lounge 22 December