Outdated by Mark Kilmurry @ Ensemble Theatre


Diving back into the dating pool in your 40’s is a scary prospect. This bittersweet comedy navigates the highs and lows of modern dating. Will Matt and Olivia take the plunge and swipe right? Or is it left ? So, you’re in your 40’s and dating again? Relax! Your first date may feel like you’re speeding towards a cliff at 100 kilometres an hour, but just follow these simple tips to make the dating process a breeze: One: Wish you could stop the date and start again? Ignore that doubting voice inside your head, nobody can hear it anyway (or can they?). Two: You’ve got this! After all, you’ve been in a relationship before, how hard can it be to get back on the bike? (Note: unlock it first). Three: And finally, never, under any circumstances, order the cocktail with the stupid umbrella in it. Just don’t do it. Ever. Stop! If Matt and Olivia follow these golden rules, they should be on the path to dating bliss. But do they actually have anything in common, or is this just another of those awkward dating blunders everyone wishes they could forget?...


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