Kids Masterchef Cooking Course (12-16 Years) 2019 @ Otao Kitchen Asian Cooking Classes, Private Corporate Events


Embark on this four day course for a fun culinary experience learning about other cultures through cooking and gain knowledge about seasoning, knife skills, food safety, food policy, and sustainability. Perfect for the school holidays, this cooking class gives your kids the chance to get a taste of what cooking and working in a restaurant might be like. They'll experiment with fresh ingredients and new flavours from different cuisines each day including Thai food, Vietnamese, Italian and Japanese cuisine. A junior chef will lead the team for the day and everyone will get to work prepping to create three dishes within their kitchen team. They will learn how to make healthy food choices and prepare meals to a budget. The meals will be served at the end and everyone will have a chance to taste the other teams food so they can learn from their friends. This course is a fun way to spend the school holidays or summer holidays experimenting with new flavours, learning valuable skills, meeting new friends and understanding the value of teamwork....



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