Spencer - A Theatre Production by Lab Kelpie @ Wonthaggi


Spencer is modern storytelling at its best. Told over the course of one weekend in a suburban Australian home, this new comedy-drama revolves around a sports-mad, tightknit and gloriously dysfunctional family: fierce single-mum matriarch Marilyn and her three adult children – wayward daughter Jules, mouthy coulda-been Ben and AFL golden boy Scott. About to meet the young son – Spencer – he never knew he had, Scott and the family have returned home to help mark the occasion. With the surprise appearance of Ian, the father they barely remember, the entire family is forced to work together to clean up both the house and their own fractured relationships as the clock ticks down to Spencer’s arrival. Starring Jane Clifton, Lyall Brooks, Roger Oakley, Jamieson Caldwell and Fiona Harris, Spencer employs classic Australian vernacular, lashings of humour, and recognisable characters that ask us to consider how much our family defines who we are, if we can exist without them - and if we ever really grow up. Nominated: 2017 Green Room Award: Best New Australian Writing (Katy Warner)and 2017 Green Room Award: Best Performer (Lyall Brooks)....


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