Hidden Faces - Victorian Salon des Refuses @ Hilton Melbourne South Wharf


Portraits by Victorian artists, originally submitted for national portrait prizes, including the Doug Moran, Portia Geach, Shirley Hannan, Archibald and Black Swan, either not hung in the official exhibitions or not seen in Melbourne. Well established in Melbourne’s arts calendar, Hidden Faces reveals a broad spectrum of entertaining, challenging and insightful paintings of such well-known subjects as Performers: Marta Dusseldorp, Ezekiel Ox, Lindy Morrison and Julia Baird; Sport Icons: Paralympian, Kat Ross and Nathan Lyon; Artists: Victor Majzner and Christopher Seater; Author Rosalie Ham, Director Fred Schepisi, Professors Damien Kingsbury and Jenny Hocking. Curated and managed by Jacqueline Taylor OAM, there is something new and different each year and, now in its Eeghteenth year, Hidden Faces continues to unveil the amazing portraiture talent in Victoria. The prestigious Pan Pacific Melbourne is the perfect location to exhibit these outstanding works by Raelene Sharp, Hung Fu, Jacquie Blight, John Mandich, Vicki Sullivan,Todd Simpson, Janne Kearney, Peter Ferrier, Lisa Wang, Jim van Geet and Steve May, to name a few....


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