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After the success of his Bone Idol exhibition on the walls of fortyfivedownstairs in 2015, digital artist Chris Orr returns with a new show. Conventicle is an unorthodox assemblage of everyday detritus, ephemera and artist photography blanketed in classical engravings and stencils. Old coke cans, disregarded motherboards and more are assembled in a declamatory visual recitation of social archaeology. Chris’s first venture into the art world came about when a friend gave him a plastic doll’s head and challenged him to make art out of it. The result was a series of oversize digital manipulations baked on canvas and paper. Melancholy and mesmerising, they contained a dark beauty. Years on, colleagues and friends prodded Chris to produce a new series. In 2014, with the purchase of a skull from a medical supplies store, Chris’ first exhibition at fortyfivedownstairs, Bone Idol, began to develop. Bestowing life on inanimate objects has become a theme. To become fixated on the one object; to extract as much out of it by the use of light and colour and by trawling and navigating it close up; reinterpreting it in a myriad of ways....


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