Maestro™ Impro 2019 @ David Williamson Theatre

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    Impro Melbourne
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Maestro™ Impro 2019

Get ready for Maestro™ mayhem, Impro Melbourne’s annual high stakes showdown where the fate of the players rests solely in the hands of you the audience.

Rivalry is fierce, with the cast competing in a series of scenes, songs or games that culminate in an audience vote to decide who is eliminated and who advances to the next round. It’s a wonderful night of family friendly fun with each player hell bent on winning while simultaneously contributing to the collaborative magic that can only be created by a stellar ensemble cast.

These are experienced, world class improvisors at the top of their game. There will be laughter. There will be risk. There will be cut-throat competition. And at the end of each night the only player left standing will be The Maestro™.

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