Be Our Witness at Anywhere Festival @ Element Collective Studios


We’re ready to grow up. Right here, right now. And you’re going to be our witnesses. What must we do first before we can grow up? What fills the gap between childhood and adulthood? What are we willing to endure in order to cross the threshold from Who We Are Now to Who We Will Become? In this highly physical, immersive (and sometimes intimate) contemporary performance, you are invited to reflect upon a climate of quarter-life crises and changing milestones for adulthood. Interwoven with demonstrations of ritual and ceremony ranging from First Time Drunk to Full Blown Sacrifice, you join a group of six young Australians as they navigate the unchartered territory between childhood and adulthood in a contemporary world. Created by an ensemble of Australia’s leading young innovators, Be Our Witness combines text, physical performance, original music and a shrine or two to investigate everyday and forgotten rituals, rites of passage and our willingness to endure. Directed by Gina Tay Limpus Devised and performed by Gabe Francis, Rose Nguyen, Nicole Alexandra, Fortuna Maxima, Heidi Harrison and Ben Adams. MUSIC BY Pavle Banovic. Thank you to Backbone, Cupo and Anywhere Festival...


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