I heard it on the radio: 25 years of 98.9FM Murri Country @ Cultual Centre


Protest in the air, a fresh voice on the airwaves; the first Indigenous radio station in a capital city began broadcasting in the 1990s… bringing an exciting new sound to our stereos. I heard it on the radio looks at 25 years of 98.9FM Murri Country and its influence in giving a voice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on the radio. From their genesis in the protest movement, 98.9FM’s significant contribution to Australian media was a catalyst for change. Through newly commissioned digital stories, never-before-seen photographs, historical documents and radio station ephemera, learn more about the people, the music and the power of self-representation. In this free State Library of Queensland showcase, experience a recreation of a vintage 98.9FM recording studio and enjoy the sounds of Country as you explore the history of this transformative community radio station....


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I heard it on the radio: 25 years of 98.9FM Murri Country Events & Ticketing Wall