Easter Bilby Burrow Sculpture Art Workshops @ Vikings Oval


Bilby Burrow is an artwork created from recycled timber by Shoalhaven artist Elyssa Sykes-Smith. Bilby Burrow aims to encourage the audience to explore the site, to stop, look upwards and engage with their imagination. The two-stage installation process is a dramatic, performance event as the Bilby and Burrow will be suspended high up under a walkway! Kids and big kids alike are invited to participate in the making of this artwork through free kids workshops to paint pieces of wood that will be included in the Bilby’s Burro . These elements will then be added to the artwork on the live burrow build performance on Wednesday 17 April! There will also be an Easter Bilby Treasure Hunt (for children aged three-twelve years) which will take participants through the Crown Street Mall with the reward of a bilby chocolate! To find out more about this activity visit the website....


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