The Waiting Game @ Element Collective Studios


The Waiting Game: Come and have a seat, let them tell you a story. The Waiting Game is The Reaction Theory Company’s debut performance in Anywhere Festival. It will be performed at Cupo, Fortitude Valley and The Daily Planet Café, on May 16, 17, 18 and 22. The Waiting Game explores the pressure of confronting identity and the past while waiting for your dinner to be served. It is an interactive performance told to you by the waiters serving your table, and what they put on the table is made with love and care. It’s a story about how one waiter found themselves meeting their biological mother for the first time and how they grapple with the confrontation. Would you acknowledge the relationship between mother and son? Or continue as strangers, as waiters and servers? The cast and creative team are a diverse group of Brisbane creatives. Written by Egan Sun-Bin, directed by Callum Ford, and featuring upcoming actors Owen Green, Sarah Jarvis and Dimitri Politis....


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