Don’t Fence Me In Exhibition @ Penrith Regional Gallery and The Lewers Bequest


Autumn Exhibition Suite 2019 - Amala Groom and Dale Collier. Don’t Fence Me In is an art installation about reciprocity and the environment. As a site-responsive creative action Don’t Fence Me In pulls apart and reconsiders ideas of trust and exchange in relation to three entangled sites on Wiradjuri Country – The Farm, Turon River and Sofala Tip. In these places, arbitrary lines are constantly drawn and redrawn in attempt to divide and control the ways in which people connect to Country, yet little do they hint towards problems involving water, waste and air. With movement, experimental performance and new media Don’t Fence Me In is a contemporary look into socially engaged practice and geographical interventions about the boundaries and barriers that people place upon themselves, each other, and upon Country....


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