Sam Garlepp: Pretty/Funny @ Greek Centre


'Oi, pretty boy! Take this!'

… is never something someone shouts before giving you free tickets to Mamma Mia! The Musical.

And is often something someone might shout from a car before throwing a milkshake at you.

What happens if you attempt a marathon with no training? Why would anyone apply for The Bachelor? Will Sam’s mum ever approve of his life choices? Seriously, that’s not rhetorical?

Sam returns once again to Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his biggest show yet. There will be unnecessary musical numbers, there will be necessary 'you can’t say that' moments, there will be… a significant cost of admission.

'High energy, witty, a little dark, and very talented' (The Funny Tonne), you don’t want to miss this future award winner in action!

'If you’re no good, at least I get to look at you for an hour.' – someone come get their nan.

Sam Garlepp is Pretty/Funny.

'Natural charisma, good hair, mad rap skills, Sam Garlepp is the whole package.' Adelaide Advertiser

'Big laughs at a cracking pace, Garlepp is a natural. ★★★★' Rip It Up

'Instantly likeable… Claim to be one of the first that saw him once he has made the big time. ★★★★' Glam Adelaide

'Surprisingly good. ★★★½' Adelaide Advertiser

'Fresh… infectious charisma… like Tom Ballard. ★★★½' Beat Magazine

'A natural gift with comic timing.' TREv

'I've never seen an audience enjoy a comedian as much as Garlepp.' Farrago Magazine

'Perfectly tinted with moments of self-deprecation without being overdone.' Yewth Magazine


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