Annie Louey: Before I Forget – MICF @ Chinese Museum


As seen in The Age M Magazine, triple j's Good Az Friday and heard weekly on JOY94.9. Annie Louey's second solo stand-up show is bursting with hilariously relatable true stories, games and never-before-seen photographs that will blow your tiny mind. She had sell-out performances at the Comedy Festival last year and has toured Australia and internationally. Did you know that millennials are more forgetful than people over 55? Turns out, young people are more likely to forget what day of the week it is, where their keys are and even forget to shower more often than old people. In fact, Annie hasn’t showered since Tuesday. Or was it Friday? Who knows! Annie’s fresh perspective makes her one of the most exciting new acts you’ll see this year....


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Annie Louey: Before I Forget – MICF Events & Ticketing Wall