Three Blind Men - Melbourne International Comedy Festival @ Fad Gallery


When society refuses to stop you succeeding, perhaps you’ll find your own ways to fail. Not sure how to find your way through this crazy world? Three Blind Men will misguide you through a maze of terrorist magpies, awful children, anti-vaxxer parents and overpopulation. Through Taylor Coughtrie’s daring dissections, Nick Schuller’s amazing analysis, and Chris Marlton’s fictional feasts you’ll learn about the economic feasibility of heaven, how to name crocodiles, and whether or not it’s too easy to live. You’ll pray at a digital church, find out if Rose from Titanic was a good person, and even solve Australia’s gate-manufacturing crisis. Taylor Coughtrie is a young millennial with a poor work ethic and all the answers. He'll entertain you, probably annoy you, but definitely introduce you to a different way of thinking about life, and maybe even force a few audience members to look in the mirror uncomfortably. Taylor guides you through the thought processes of a self-proclaimed ‘degenerate genius.’ He’s performed in sold out shows at the Canberra Comedy Festival, a prison, and came third place at the RAW Comedy state final....


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