Dance Hall - The Return @ Potato Shed


Creators of world famous cabaret and variety, Finucane and Smith, make a triumphant return to the Potato Shed with a repeat performance of Dance Hall. Developed at the Potato Shed last February, Finucane and Smith’s Dance Hall has toured Victoria to great acclaim. Finucane and Smith artists take the role of callers, choir leaders and on-the-floor enthusiasts, as the local community engage in dancing and singing; creating an active and joyous community night out. The choice is yours to dance or enjoy the night from the comfort of your seat. Like barn and bush dances of old, and salon. from French cabarets to Irish pub concerts, Finucane and Smith's Dance Hall was born out of Finucane and Smiths’ deep engagement with regional and remote communities. Finucane and Smith’s Dance Hall is a supper dance, a bring-a-plate celebration, a storytelling and dance extravaganza, a transcendent night of song and dance and a whole of community knees-up. If you missed it last time, now is your chance to share in the excitement that is Finucane and Smith’s Dance Hall....


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