Loose Tooth at Palais Theatre @ Palais Theatre

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    Loose Tooth
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Loose Tooth at The Bridge Hotel


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Palais Theatre 23 October, Leadbelly Newtown 09 November, Bridge Hotel 14 September, Howler 25 August, Old Bar 05 July


Northcote Uniting Church 14 December, Jurgens Street Park 04 November, Melbourne Recital Centre 19 November, 24 Piper Street 20 October, Melbourne Showgrounds 02 December, The Tote Hotel 10 August, 19 August, Hotel Spencer 18 August, 17 August, 15 August, The Metro 16 August, Karova Lounge 11 August, The Gasometer Hotel 04 August, The Gasometer Hotel 14 July, The Corner Hotel 15 September, Karova Lounge 02 June, The Bridge Hotel 13 May, John Curtin Hotel 20 April, Central Pier 12 February, Bruzzy's Farm 02 January, Bruzzy's Farm (Loose Tooth at Bruzzy’s Farm) 01 January


Bruzzy's Farm 31 December, The Tote Hotel 23 December, Toff in Town 17 November, John Curtin Hotel 07 October, Crowbar 06 September, The Foundry 08 September, John Curtin Hotel 13 August, Globe Warehouse 20 August, Gin Lane 29 July, Copacabana International 17 July, The Gasometer Hotel 28 May, The Tote Hotel 17 June, Tokyo Sing Song (Black Stone From The Sun) 20 May, The Gasometer Hotel (Big Smoke, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Wet Lips, DJ Fee B Squared) 22 April, The Tote Hotel 23 January


Old Bar 24 December, Old Bar 04 December, The Tote Hotel 15 November, The Tote Hotel 08 November, The Tote Hotel 29 November, The Tote Hotel 22 November, The Gasometer Hotel 12 November, The Tote Hotel 25 September, The Tote Hotel 25 July, The Gasometer Hotel 15 March