The Cartridge Family at Palais Theatre @ Palais Theatre


The Cartridge family were originally in the business of the manufacture of cartridges, lending this product the..

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The Cartridge Family - Mullumbimby Music Festival 2018


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Palais Theatre 23 October, Mullumbimby Showground 18 November, Mullumbimby Showground 17 November, Mullumbimby Showground 16 November, Mullumbimby 15 November, Mullumbimby Civic Hall 15 November, Moller Pavilion, Bangalow Showgrounds 18 August, Fremantle Oval 09 September, 19 August, Hindmarsh Stadium 12 August, Queenborough Oval 05 August, 29 July, Victoria Park 24 June, Port Fairy Village 10 March


Bella Union Trades Hall (Alysia Manceau) 01 March