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    Kate Ceberano
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Kate Ceberano is a bonafide national treasure, possessing one of the great voices of her generation.

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Kate Ceberano - Anthems Music Festival 2018

Central Geelong Activities - Spider Jazz


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Little Malop St Central 30 November, Airlie Point/The Esplanade 10 November, Geelong Racecourse 09 December, Rochford Wines 16 December, The Astor Theatre (Kate Ceberano) 18 August, Peter Lehmann Wines 25 November, Anita’s Theatre 04 August, Enmore Theatre 05 August, The Astor Theatre 18 August, The Astor Theatre (Kate Ceberano) 18 August, Twin Towns (Kate Ceberano) 12 August, Concert Hall, QPAC (Kate Ceberano) 10 August, Enmore Theatre (Kate Ceberano) 05 August, Anita's Theatre Thirroul (Kate Ceberano) 04 August, Sky City Casino (Outdoor on Lawns) (Kate Ceberano) 28 July, Her Majesty's Theatre (Kate Ceberano) 26 July, The Palms at Crown (Kate Ceberano) 15 July, Little Malop St Central 18 April, Garden of Unearthly Delights 11 March, Garden of Unearthly Delights 10 March, The Grand on Cathies 24 February


City Recital Hall 22 October, Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre 11 June, Enmore Theatre 10 June, The Street Theatre 23 October, Lt Malop Central 11 February, Lt Malop Central 01 February, Lt Malop Central 25 January, Lt Malop Central 11 January


Melbourne Zoo 28 January


Trak Live Lounge Bar 16 December


The Palms at Crown (Mark Vincent) 26 November, The Wheeler Centre (James Roche, Tobias Cummings, Marty Donald) 05 March


Twin Towns Services Club (Carl Riseley) 06 September, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) - Lyric Theatre (Carl Riseley) 03 September, The Palms at Crown (Carl Riseley) 27 August, State Theatre (Carl Riseley) 21 August, Southern Cross Club (Carl Riseley) 15 August, Her Majesty's Theatre (Carl Riseley) 08 August, Adelaide Festival Centre (Carl Riseley) 20 June, Adelaide Festival Centre (Carl Riseley) 20 June, The Basement 20 February, Palais Theatre (Kate Ceberano) 11 February, Sydney Opera House - Concert Hall (Kate Ceberano) 19 February


Melbourne Zoo 27 January, Tamburlaine Vineyard (Kate Ceberano) 19 January


The Famous Spiegeltent at The Arts Centre 16 November, Skyline Lounge - Revesby Workers Club 29 October, The Basement 28 October, The Basement 27 October, The Basement 26 October, Northcote Social Club (Dallas Crane , Axle Whitehead) 20 October, Northcote Social Club (Dallas Crane , the Wonderfulls) 19 October, Governor Hindmarsh Hotel 12 October