City Sounds: Angela Fabian @ Queen Street Mall

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    Angela Fabian
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City Sounds: Angela Fabian

Angela is a mother, a musician a storyteller who, despite having enough experiences to fill ten lifetimes, manages to retain a bubbly optimism, a self-deprecation and an electric energy that shines through in her music. With each performance, Angela reminds her audience of the immense power of music. Her debut album 'Arms Opened Wide' acts as window to a time when music could sway the tide, change attitudes and break rules. This is original music as nature intended: powerful, intelligent and wild at heart

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Angela Fabian at Royal Mail Hotel


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Queen Street Mall 15 September, Royal Mail Hotel Goodna 11 August, Broadbeach 19 May, Paris Cat Jazz Club 29 April, Broadbeach 17 May


Zuri 20 May


Brisbane Jazz Club (Angela Fabian) 27 December