Temporary - Sydney Fringe Festival 2018 @ Blood Moon Theatre


Temporary follows the story of Amy who has found herself in another receptionist contract when she had vowed never to do it again. She smiles politely, makes the perfect cup of coffee and has a delightful phone manner. She spends her days tackling the big issues in life such as the optimal temperature of the air conditioning and what her balding white male boss should buy his wife for their anniversary. While throwing out yet another uneaten platter of client sandwiches, Amy remembers a wise taxi driver describing the workforce of the CBD as always being up. Up in the sky, he repeated. Up and never touching the ground. It is then, that Amy realises her life has become rut of emails, fluro lights and ridiculous colleagues. Until the quest to find the perfect office birthday cake leads her to question her routine and ponder the relevance of high heels in the workplace. Is this the beginning of her freedom or her decent into corporate oblivion?


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