Ace Frehley at Enmore Theatre @ Enmore Theatre

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    Ace Frehley
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Festival Hall 30 August, The Tivoli 01 September, Enmore Theatre 31 August, Adelaide Entertainment Centre 28 August, The Tivoli (Ace Frehley) 01 September, Festival Hall (Ace Frehley) 30 August, Enmore Theatre (Ace Frehley) 31 August, Adelaide Entertainment Centre (Ace Frehley) 28 August


Hordern Pavilion 21 October, Thebarton Theatre 19 October, RAC Arena 17 October


HQ Complex (L.U.S.T) 04 February, Metropolis Fremantle (L.U.S.T) 01 February, The Tivoli (L.U.S.T) 08 February, Enmore Theatre (L.U.S.T) 07 February, The Palace Theatre (L.U.S.T) 05 February